Meet The Blossom

We are proud to offer a niche market for Asian fusion lovers. Our main goal is to offer a valuable dining experience with both Korean and English culture. We are confident that our combination brings both worlds into an amazing meal. We hope you enjoy morning / afternoon / evening with us as you experience Korean inspired English brunch.

The Blossom's offering is simple: uncomplicated seasonal fare presented in a light-filled, contemporary space. Join the morning rush or swing by later for a cheeky bite - you new local awaits.

"This place is authentic. And they care. And they’re here, right in Pal Park, saving you an unpleasant 2 hour round trip to Manhattan for some proper modern-Korean fusion cuisine restaurant."

Christine K.
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These igloos at The Blossom will keep your group safe (and warm) while dining


We have revolutionized outdoor dining during the pandemic without even meaning to.
When the American-Asian-fusion restaurant opened in February, it installed three igloos on its back patio. The clear, plastic domes wrap around a curved black pleather couch that seats about five, said Swan Son, an employee.

Due to the pandemic, the restaurant closed temporarily in March. When they reopened in July, the igloos, which were originally just intended to provide a unique and semi-private place for customers to sit, had taken on a new importance. Now, they’re used to keep groups distanced from one another while dining, said Son.

The igloos are not temperature controlled, but do block out rain. “It gets hot in there sometimes,” said Son. “They’re like a greenhouse.” In winter, that might be a good thing.

The Blossom serves breakfast and lunch dishes such as pancakes, yogurt and granola, eggs and toast and quinoa grain bowls. The restaurant also serves some Korean favorites such as shaved ice and red bean lattes.

Private Dinning

18% service charge for the igloo and available only for 6 or more guest.


We request that each customer order one item.
We use The Balthazar Bread.
If You Have A Food Allergy Or Special Dietary Needs,
Please Notify A Member Of Our Wait Staffs, Thank You



    Potato Croquettes

    French Fries

    South Style Fried Chicken Tender

    Original Buttermilk Pancake

    Avocado Volcano Egg Benedict

    Tonkatsu Sandwich

    Organic Tofu Salad

    Avocado Chicken Salad

    Spam Cheese Kimbap

    Tuna Mayo Kimbap

    Bulgogi Kimbap

    Spicy Tuna Kimbap

    K.Anchovy Walnut Kimbap

    Tonkatsu Kimbap

    Shrimp Tempura Kimbap

    Tempura Stone Pot Udon

    Sukiyaki Udon

    Mayo Tuna Rice with Avocado

    Berkshire Tonkatsu

    Berkshire Tonkatsu and Curry Combo

    Berkshire Pork Spicy Stone Pot

    Bulgogi  Stone Pot

    Berkshire Tonkatsu

    Blossom Teokbokki

    Cheese Teokbokki

    Hand Drip Coffee

    Dutch Cold Brew Coffee




    Double Espresso

    Crème Brûlée Latte

    Yuza/ Quine Tea

    Grapefruit Mint Tea

    Green Plum Tea

    Ohmija Tea

    Ssanghwa Tea

    Yogo Drink

    Mint Aid

    Fresh Grapefruit Aid

    Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juice

    Fresh Fruit Smoothie

    Black Tea


    Fresh Mint

    Green Tea

    Earl Grey


    Oolong Tea

    Burdock Tea

    Hibiscus Tea

    Peppermint Tea


    Milk Shaved Snow

    Black Sesame Shaved Snow

    Soybean Flour Shaved Snow

    Sweet Pumpkin Shaved Snow

    Ongsimee Shaved Snow


    Taiyaki w/walnut

Seasonal Special

Mango Shaved Snow

Shaved thinly with ice and condensed milk, a soft and fluffy like texture that melts instantly on the mouth. Addictive and highly refreshing, a generous portion of mango takes it to the next level.

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Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 11pm
Drop by for a coffee or bite to eat,
for larger groups call ahead to
make a reservation.

320 Broad Ave
Palisades Park NJ 07650

Phone: 201 947 4588

Drop us a line: